Life at Willa

We provide a world-class working environment

We work from anywhere


Willa is a fully remote company. We work from multiple locations during multiple time zones.


You work from where you are located and we provide you with the working equipment you need, like a computer, headset, etc. 

If you need, we also power up your home. We provide furniture that makes living at home feel less like living in an office. 

Create a space for work, with furniture that doesn't look out of place when it's "life time". 

Willa covers the cost and we deliver to your home. That will make working from home even more of a delight.

If you don't prefer working from home, we'll help find a place nearby where you can be productive.

We work life-friendly hours

The bulk of our work happens between 7 am – 6 pm (local time), but we also need to be flexible with our teammates' working hours. Hours of coming and going can vary depending on life responsibilities, such as managing children.

We aim to not work more than a full-time week, 40 hours. We should plan and execute our work to align with this. It’s accepted but not expected to work more should one choose to do so. We trust each other's judgment.

Willa is a part of your life and supports you with a contribution to healthy activities to stay healthy and well being. As well as Willa has competitive retirement plants and insurance packages.

Our tools & ways of working make us productive

To be able to be as productive as possible we use tools like Slack, Tandem, Zoom, Figma to support our work. According to that, we have daily check-ins to keep the focus and productive exchanges up.

The team spirit is strong and thanks to the tools and it is a lot of collaboration and teamwork. We are also clear and positive in our communication both in writing and on audio/video. It is never far from a laugh and everyone is helping and support each other. 

We also are an autonomous organization not just on paper, but down in every little cell in all of us. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out, we are more than happy to help.

Constant progress

With our iterative mindset, we also improve our ways of working all the time, every day, always trying to make the team perform better and enjoy a better place to work. We never stop learning and never settle for the status quo.
We have a whole page about how we deliver value at an incredible pace without sacrificing quality. Read it here. 


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